Front Front
This home was a blight on the neighborhood and was in a desperate state of negligent maintenance and disrepair. This home was negatively affecting surrounding property vaules, and the neighbors were desperate for improvement.
The flat, leaking roof was replaced with a new, engineered trussed roof system. The weathered siding was replaced with masonite lap siding, and the single-pane windows were also replaced with double-pane vinyl windows. The chain-link fence was replaced with a bright picket fence. All of this extensive remodeling, both inside and out, was completed in less than 6 weeks!
Kitchen Front
The kitchen in this home was unusable and uninhabitable. Plumbing and gas pipes, along with electrical wiring were completely exposed.
After demolition, new cabinets, countertops and appliances were installed. In addition, a "window" was created to open the kitchen to the living area, creating a pass-through between the two spaces and adding addition eating space as well.
Front Front
Years of a flat, leaking roof resulted in damage to the laundry room that could not be simply repaired. Framing was rotted, drywall disintegrated, and the washing machine drained directly out the side of the house.
The entire corner of this home was removed and rebuilt. The hot water heater and washer were relocated so that the washer could properly drain into the home's sewage system. This home was in near tear-down condition, but was saved, and salvaged, by NewVision Custom Builders!
Front Front
This Victorian home's outdated kitchen was a cluttered mess. Lack of cabinet space forced the homeowner to store items in a hodge-podge of miss-matched storage cabinets, shelves and an awkward island.
The newly remodeled kitchen now allows for everything to be neatly stored within the ample cabinets. What was once a chef's nighmare is now a cook's dream!
Front Front
The outdated kitchen didn't even have a dishwasher or built-in microwave.
New cabinets with crown molding, modern appliances and granite countertops give this kitchen a WOW factor that the homeowners were proud to show off!
Front Front
This home was a blight on the neighborhood and was in desperate need of improvement.
Engineered supports were added to secure the sagging porch overhang, a new driveway, porch and sidewalk were poured, and a new garage door and beautiful new Pella casement windows were installed. The new vinyl siding will ensure years of maintenance-free worry. The new red front door and accent shutters now make this home a real show-stopper in the neighborhood!
Back Back
The back of this house had a poorly constructed addition, built without an engineered foundation, and needless to say, no building permit. The plumbing, electrical and heating problems posed a hazzard to future occupants, necessitating removal of the entire addition.
After removal of the addition, new siding, a new porch, new Pella casement windows, and a large patio door were added. What a difference!
Entry Entry
The front entry of this home was definitely not very "inviting". Dated, mis-matched walpaper, along with dark brown tile flooring, made this home one to run away from, not walk into.
After removal of the wallpaper and extensive drywall repairs, updated knock-down texture was added. A new tile entry and fresh coat of paint now say to homeowners and visitors: Welcome!
Dining Dining
Entrance to this home before remodeling presented a sightly bookcase wall, blocking any views of the beautiful back yard.
After removal of the wall, a new patio door and kitchen window really brightened the entire home, letting the sunshine, and views, come in!
Bathroom Bathroom
Yikes! What a scary bathroom! This bathroom absolutely screamed for a remodel.
The only solution: totally gut the bathroom, add new drywall around the tub and behind the sink and stool, new ceramic tile, a new window, new vanity and stool and shiny new plumbing fixtures. Beautiful!
Kitchen Kitchen
This kitchen was a disaster. Old, painted cabinets had missing door fronts and drawers. The only solution here was to completely remove everything, even the floor.
A convenient laundry was added, along with new cabinets, new vinyl flooring and all new appliances. The entry was also widened, which really opened the room up. This kitchen renovation easily improved the value of this home!
Kitchen Kitchen
Here is another kitchen remodel. Notice the bookshelves in the foreground. These definitely have to go...
Wow! New 48" cabinets, new counter and sink, new flooring and all new appliances really transformed this kitchen!

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